5 Star Perfect Reaction Golf Mat (Commercial Golf Mat)


Need a affordable quality golf mat for your driving range?


Martin Hall's 5 Star Golf™

The same turf as our GORILLA Perfect ReACTION Golf Mats, Only Without the 5/8" Backing.

Perfect for Golf Simulator Studios!

An inexpensive way for Country Clubs and Driving Ranges to Offer the Best in a Wood Tee Style Golf Mat
 without any loss of performance and durability.
You Save Money!


  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Use Real Wood Tees
  • 30% Denser Turf
  • Total Thickness 1 ⅛"
  • No Shock - No Bounce
  • Use on Grass or Any Firm Flat Surface - Totally Safe for Use on Concrete
  • Urethane Dura-Flex Easy Drain™ Backing
Ships Directly From Manufacturer. Tracking Information May Be Delayed!

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