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Expert Golf Club Service and Repair

KCR Golf Store offers several industry-leading golf club repairs and services. Send us an email at for a quote to get started!

All prices per club.

We use standard shipping or full bag sets via Shipsticks to our location.

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SST Pureing From GolfWorks , the leading golf shaft alignment technology in the World!  SST PURE identifies asymmetries that exist in every golf shaft and locates each shaft's most stable orientation. This results in more consistent performance and uniform feel from club to club. You will see and feel the difference immediately!

Code: SST 

Price (USD): $21.95

Pick any shaft from this link:

Email your shaft choice and any requests. We'll order and install if desired.


We regrip your golf clubs with the golf grip of your choice. To order: 

Choose any Grip from this link:

Email grip choice and any requests. We'll order the grips. 

We'll invoice $6.50 plus grip cost per club

Send your clubs to us via your preferred shipping method.

Free Return Shipping!


Loft and Lie Adjustments 

Code: LLA

Price (USD): $4.95

Change Swingweight

Code: CSW

Price (USD): $9.95

Change Golf Club Length

Code: CCL

Price (USD): $10.95

Remove Broken Golf Shaft (inside hosel)

Code: BGS

Price (USD): $10.95

Re-Shaft / Tighten Loose Clubhead

Code: RSS

Price (USD): $10.95

Ream / Bore Hosel

Code: RBH

 Price (USD): $10.95

Remove Rattle in Clubhead or Golf Shaft

Code: RMR

 Price (USD): $15.95

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