Maltby STw2 Driver - Kuro Kage Black 2G



  • Oversized 460cc 4 piece precision forged design.
  • Variable Face Thickness (VFT) club face design to maximize ball speeds from any impact location on the clubface.
  • Extremely solid sound and feel.
  • Aerodynamic head profile features a Speed Fin crown design to stabilize the head during the down swing for increased club head thrust and more consistent impacts.
  • 8 gram T-25 tungsten weight positioned back and towards the heel for high launching, low spinning drives.
  • Draw bias weight position to help correct a slice and improve shot dispersion.
  • Email before ordering choice of: Additional T-25 weights for customization available in 2,4,6,10,12 or 14 gram options. MTW001 – Natural Finish and MTW002 Matte Black Finish
  • Available in RH 10.0⁰ and 12⁰ and 10.0⁰ in LH

PUREing Services can be added to your shaft purchase upon selection. 

Please email request before ordering.


  • Mitsubishi Chemical Kuro Kage Black Golf Shaft
  • Lamkin Grip
  • Maltby Headcover