Rimer 2.0 Ball Position Trainer


The 4 in 1 Rimer Ball Position Trainer is the only golf training aid out there to focus solely on identifying your optimal ball position, improving your chipping, Driving, Wedge play and putting and ensuring correct alignment every time.


  • Simply place The Rimer down your line between your feet and the ball
  • Line up your front toe with the front end bracket of The Rimer
  • Address the ball and slide the ball position pointer until it is even with the ball
  • Begin Practice
  • Move the ball, and the slider until you find the perfect ball position helping you hit more shots solid every time and directly down your line


  • The Rimer 2.0 Ball Position Trainer
  • Carsley Golf Scorecard: record your perfect ball position for each club
  • Poker Chip Ball Marker
  • Rimer Carry Bag